tour de onur 2020

Perfect routes, the best roads, fantastic scenery and a huge community bike. On October 2-3-4, 2020, a multi-day cycling race – TOUR de ONUR – took place in Lviv region. The organizers of the cycling race are the international company Onur Group and the club of road cycling fans West Road Cycling

240 participants took part in the race, including representatives of Poland, Turkey, Moldova and Costa Rica.

The race took place in three stages: first a team race on the route Shchyrets-Medenychi-Shchyrets, then a group race on the route Syanky-Isai-Strilky-Syanky, as well as an individual time race on the route Syanky-Verkhniy Turiv-Checkpoint “Uzhok” -Syanky.

At the competitions, the athletes started in groups – a total of 6 men’s and 2 two women’s groups. Among women in group W1 the winner was Sofia Priyma (Makeba, Lviv). Natalia Tarnavchyk (Kyiv Cycling Team, Lviv) became the best in group W2. In the men’s group M1 the leader’s shirt was won by the representative of Poland Gutek Mikolaj (Mayday team, Lublin), in the category M2 Ladosh Michal (Mayday team, Lublin), in M3 the winner was Batyukhov Denis (Bike Family-Leader, Kyiv), in M4 – Filin Dmytro (Bike Family-Tacx, Kyiv), and in the M5 group the first to finish was the representative of Velosokal-Danish textiles Pavlo Protsko, in the M6   group the best was Oleksandr Zuev (Velo-Sokal, Chervonohrad).

 Thank you to all participants and see you at TOUR de ONUR 2021.

Stage I 02.10.2020: team race against time

Start 14:00 local time

Shchyrets`-Medenychi-Shchyrets distance – 50 km for all participants, altitude 288m, road surface – ideal tarmac

Stage II 03.10.2020: individual group race, distance – 106 km.

Start 12:00 local time

Categories: M1, M2, M3, Sianky -Isayi- Strilky – Sianky, altitude 1699m, road surface – ideal tarmac

Категорії: M4, M5, M6, W1,W2

Сянки-Ісаї-Сянки, 65 км, набір висоти 1163м, стан покриття – ідеальний асфальт

Stage III 04.10.2020: individual time trial

Start 10:00 local time

Sianky- Verhniy Turiv – `Uzhok` checkpoint – Sianky, 18 km, altitude 344 m, road surface – ideal tarmac