Onur Group is an international company with 40 years of experience in the construction of high-quality roads in Ukraine which are perfect for cycling.

The founder of the international company Onur Group Mr. Onur Chetindzheviz started his career in bike repair and rental service. His shop in Ankara was very popular and dozens of cyclists turned to him for help every day. Now the Turkish capital hosts the head office of the international company Onur Group.

The company integrates construction, energy sector, agriculture, logistics, tourism, and aviation, operates in more than 10 countries around the world. Still, Mr. Onur continues to support cyclists. Now his company in Ukraine is co-organizing one of the largest cycling races in the country – Tour de Onur, the route of which will run along the roads constructed by Onur Group Ukraine.

West Road Cycling is a Lviv club of road cycling fans, organizer of the biggest cycling races in the country with extensive experience and a great desire to create a new one…

Now seems to be perfect timing for the wildest dream to come true – a grand multi-day cycling race on the best roads of Ukraine. We hope Tour de Onur will attract foreign athletes to get to know Ukraine as a spectacular country, as well as bring up cycling in the country to the European standards.